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Spilled Milk Social Club: "Untitled" June 2013

One of our favorite walls to date. Spilled Milk Social Club brought their creative kids to Frank to make this unique wall. Few things rival art from a child’s perspective.
Spilled Milk Social Club is a creative collective whose primary goal is to provide an environment for young people wherein they may explore creativity and the arts from myriad perspectives. The founders of spilled milk social club each have extensively diverse experiences working with kids, and have come together, combining their super-forces to not only provide summer and after-school care for Central Austin families, but have also built a curriculum rich with thought provoking activities to encourage (for each child) the realization of their most prominent philosophy: EVERYONE HAS THE CAPACITY TO BE CREATIVE.

check out www.spilledmilksocialclub.com for more of what they are up to.

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