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Thomas Hooper: "Untitled" July 2012

Thomas Hooper is an artist working out of Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY. Painter, illustrator, tattoo artist and an editor for Sang Bleu Magazine, mixing orthodox and unorthodox painting techniques, organic textures with computer-enhanced patterns, accidental stains with geometrical entities. This pictorial work although directly complementary to my skin-based work, sails far from the world of tattooing to explore a very medium-orientated abstraction.

Born in Hastings East Sussex, Thomas studied drawing at The London Institute of Art & Design, subsequently moving from London to New York City to pursue his goals in Tattooing and Art.

More about Thomas can be found on his site www.meditationsinatrament.com and on Marcu’s Kuhn’s interview at www.gypsygentleman.com/#/episode1